We are spending a hard time with COVID-19. Thousands of factories and companies went bankrupted. Uncountable people lost their jobs. It's really hard for large and small business. We are hard-working at this moment to relieve our customers and ourselves. We deliver high end software products with affordable price, to help you get through.
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We craft softwares for our clients
We are an expandable and shrinkable developer group that crafts softwares and applications. We deliver high end software products at mid range prices. We shrewdly arrange our workforce to reduce cost and improve quality. Our main goal is making your business successful.
We craft apps with love
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Developer Spotlights

Iris Hu
UI/UX Designer
Iris Hu is a UI/UX Designer based in Shanghai. She has 3+ years experience on successful delivering online software products. She has great passion to try new things out, and she has strong ability to understand and learn new things. She likes to take challenges and challenges always make a one stronger. She was working in several startup companies, one is a blockchain project named Genaro Network, one is a quite interesting mobile app named Fox Earning. The work experiences ...
Projects she built
Xianzhao Han
iOS Developer
Xianzhao Han is a talented and hard-working iOS Developer who can build gorgeous user interface. He is one of the developers behind the Tide app. Tide won Apple App Store Best of the Year 2017 award. Knows UIKit, proficient in table views, collection views, gestures, network requesting, audio/video playing, auto layout and other core native technics. Great at swift programming and understands the bridging between Objective-C and swift. Experienced with adaping user interface ...
Projects he built
Lorna Luo
Full-stack Developer
Lorna is a smart full-stack developer. She architects and solves problems in innovative ways. She is experienced in building e-commerce and business transaction platforms. She develops mobile app user interfaces that reproduce the original design sheet. She extracts the abstractions to reuse code and reduce duplication. She is a developer of high potential. She is young thus the future and possibilities are immeasurable. She is from a city with long-standing business-oriented...
Projects she built
Customer Reviews
I really enjoyed working with Victor, he was always available when I needed him and not only created what I needed but also made suggestions on how this could be improved and then implemented those improvements and completed everything ahead of the deadline, I would highly recommend working with him. Thanks great work Victor!
— Mark Laxton, CEO of OneSoci